“The shoes that you have already made for me must rank as the most attractive and comfortable footwear that I can recall wearing, so I would just like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your outstanding workmanship”
Mr Gordon McMillan, Lancashire

“I am delighted with my shoes. My feet haven’t felt as comfortably shod for as long as I can remember! I am particularly proud of my brogues – I really didn’t think I’d ever have a stylish pair again.”
Mr Quintin Winlo, Yorkshire

“I still can’t believe those beautiful two-tone grey shoes are really mine. What a perfect finish to every detail of the shoes. You are truly a ‘Master Craftsman’! I walked in them all day on Sunday – they were just like gloves on my feet.”
Mrs Friede Nokes, Harrogate

“Thank you, John, for the black apron-fronts, my third pair. Don’t forget my next slot, please. I have been wanting to ask if any of your other customers have ever mentioned the sheer pleasure that simply owning and putting on your shoes brings. (The comfort your craftsmanship brings goes without saying.) It is perhaps strange but I imagine someone who owned an Old Master would know what I mean.”
Mr Ian Dickinson, Alderney

”The fit of John’s shoes is so perfect and the feeling so light, that it is hard to believe that there is something on your feet!! I can thoroughly recommend John. His skill and expertise is second to none and he gives a very friendly and efficient service. At the end of the day, you come away with a work of art, tailor made for each individual. What more could one ask? I am now the proud owner of four pairs of John’s shoes.”
Mrs Anne Musson, Clitheroe

“Thanks for the super pair of shoes, they look great and the fit is excellent. I’m really pleased with them.”
Dr William Bogie, Buckinghamshire

“The shoes arrived yesterday. They fit perfectly and I am absolutely delighted with them. I can’t thank you enough for all the trouble you have taken to give me such quality service at such a distance.”
Mrs Pearl Norris, Norfolk

“The shoes are excellent and have definitely come up to all expectations.”
Mr Robin Gray, Brough

“Thank you so very much for the most excellent pair of shoes. They fit as I knew they would – like a pair of gloves.”
Mr Alan Gloak, Sevenoaks

“I am really delighted with my shoes and feel I have a smarter appearance altogether.”
Mrs Peggy Cornick, Scarborough

“I am delighted with my specially made and autographed shoes which I will try and treat with the care and respect they deserve.”
Mrs Eileen Kemp, Cottingham

“This is just a note to thank you so much for all the trouble you have taken with my pair of shoes. They are excellent and I cannot say how happy I am with them. Thank you so much.”
Mr Christopher Warner, Harrogate

“Many thanks for the wonderful shoes which arrived today. They fit well and look wonderful – so I look forward to getting lots of use out of them in the coming years.”
Mr Robert Heys, Germany

“Many thanks for the finished pair of shoes which arrived safely yesterday. My first impression is that you have achieved an exceptionally good fit. They are just the job and precisely what I needed for the winter.”
Mr Michael Holman, Surrey

“Thank you for a job well done. The shoes are even better than anticipated.”
Mr John Trenor, Burnley

“Thank you for the brown shoes which arrived on Saturday. I wore them all day and was very pleased with how comfortable they are.”
Dr David Walmsley, Lancaster

“I just thought I might give you a feedback on the shoes. They are actually brilliant. At first I was a bit sceptical – I thought they were too wide. But in retrospect I reckon my feet needed some time to get used to the new feeling. I am on call today and have been on my feet literally all day with two long ward rounds. I don’t even feel the presence of the shoes, nor the urge to get them off. Thanks again, I didn’t know shoes that comfortable even existed!”
Dr Alexander Woywodt, Preston